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Villa Roma Ristorante & Pizzeria

Sometimes it’s difficult deciding where to go for dinner. It doesn’t help when your friends have standard answers of ‘Anything’ ‘Up to you’ ‘Also can’ when you ask them what they want to eat. Somehow or other, I always end up making the decision which can be good or bad, good because I get to go to the restaurant of my choice, bad because I always feel personally responsible if the food turns out bad.

As usual it was a ‘up to you’ night with the only request being ‘can the restaurant be an entertainment card thingy’. Since we were planning to go to San Churro in Fremantle for their chocolate desserts, I picked Villa Roma in Freo for our dinner venue. It was once voted one of the top 55 restaurants in Perth by STM so I was quite hopeful.

The restaurant itself was warm and bustling, we had to wait about 10 minutes for a table which is usually a good sign. The waiter recommended Linguine Al Pollo ($19.90) to Adrian which came with chicken, mushrooms, roasted capsicum and cream. I didn’t try this but I think Adrian said it was alright but not flavourful enough.

Amy had the Risotto Al Pollo ($19.90) which was a tomato based chicken and mushroom risotto. This tasted just ok texture wise but I’ve been spoilt by risotto at Ciao Italia and this just didn’t make the cut.

Bryan’s Risotto Pescatore ($21.90) was seafood risotto with garlic, butter and tomato sauce. Taste wise it was rather bland, but worse of all, the portion was so miniscule, it really was just a thin layer of risotto and that was it. Just compare it with the portion that Amy had!

Mine was the Scaloppine Marsala ($28.90) which is thinly sliced fillets with marsala wine sauce with a side of salad and roasted potatoes. The salad and potatoes were ordinary, but I quite liked my fillets which were tender and the marsala wine sauce which was sweet and savoury.

The start of the night was Richard’s Lamb Shanks ($24.90) which was braised lamb shanks with roast potato and asparagus in red wine and mushroom jus (one of Villa Roma’s most popular dishes). The portion was generous and the lamb shanks were braised till tender, the red wine and mushroom jus was nice too, but I would have preferred stronger flavours. Still, it was a good and hearty dish.

We all shared the Tiramisu (the website says $6.00 but I think it was more $8.00) which was made with mascarpone cheese (I hate it when people use cream as a substitute) but the sponge fingers weren’t soaked well with expresso and it was just missing that something that makes tiramisu so yummy.

Overall the guys thought that Villa Roma deserved a 6.5 in terms of food but a 7 for their lamb shanks and 8 for their service. I must mention that their service was great, the waiters were personable, attentive and very friendly. I also liked it that they asked us whether we prefer tap water or bottled water, unlike the Italian restaurants nowadays that serve you mineral water ($3 – 4 for a bottle) when you ask for water.

I’ve decided to give Villa Roma a 6 instead just because I feel the food was really just average (but the lamb shanks deserve a 6.5 – 7), and Hanami was really a lot better compared to Villa Roma.Haha, I can’t believe I’m taking this ratings thing so seriously.

p/s Entertainment voucher gives you 25% of the meal to the value of $35

Daitaoha ratings:

Food : 6/10


Service 8/10

8 service

Villa Roma Ristorante & Pizzeria
9-13 High Street, Fremantle
Tel: 9335 3664

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