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And it’s Monday again (T____T)

Weekend over in a flash, another long long work week ahead.

Friday evening I found myself locked outside my home for a good hour before Jo came home to rescue me. As usual, daitaoha  didn’t bring her house keys to work. Dinner at Villa Roma (in the faraway Freo) with friends, the food wasn’t great but the service was superb (will blog in future). The tiramisu, sadly, didn’t even come close to Ciao Italia’s version. Skinny flat whites with the guys at Soto in Mt Lawley afterwards.

Saturday I went shopping alone and didn’t spend a single cent. Surely the best kind of shopping. Late night dinner/supper at the newly opened HK style cafe on William Street with men in black.

Sunday was grocery shopping for more $1 apple bags and watching the dynamic noodle duo slurp down big bowls of noodles at Big Bowl Noodle. Calv had noodles for brunch, noodles for tea and noodles for dinner *shakes head*

Present from Calv from Melbourne, good chocolate from the famous Koko Black.

Sunday afternoon, cooking Jo’s lunch for the next day, my version of Kuching’s Taugeh Mee a.k.a. beansprouts noodles. I call it Tee Mee (as in sweet noodles) because it’s  sweet and sticky.

Ssssh… don’t tell Jo but the congee for dinner tonight had fish in it! I masked it with lots of ginger and sesame oil plus minced the fish so she wouldn’t spot it, seemed to work well. Why are we eating sick food? Sunday evening I received a phonecall from Jo to say that she’s coming out in rashes. According to the GP she’s developed a viral infection, I suspect it’s fatigue from coughing, going out and working. Jo is pretty much going through what I had last year, an entire month of cough and flu. So far I’ve managed to stay strong despite all my sick friends and colleagues, but I’m starting to feel body aches and developing headaches.  Arrgh, I absolutely cannot afford to fall sick and stay home from work.

And so Monday is over, I’m already starting to plan my weekend, anyone up for a Sunday excursion to Alfred’s Kitchen for the best burgers in Perth?

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