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The Grey Hoodie Boy Part 4 It rains

Grey Hoodie boy wasn’t on my bus today. It was drizzling and I wondered whether he would be caught in the rain.

I was reaching the lights in front of my building when it started raining heavily so I ducked under the roof of a building for shelter. Suddenly,  Grey Hoodie walked right past me and stood at the lights.

I don’t know why it still surprises me when I see him but it does.

The lights turned green and I walked ahead with my umbrella, he turned and saw me and smiled ‘hello’. I shared my umbrella with him while we crossed the road in silence.

I told him that he should use his hoodie to cover his head but he said he was ok. Then we said goodbye and I went into my building.

My Grey Hoodie boy encounter of the day ends there. Are you all sick of reading about Grey Hoodie boy yet? Because I feel  slightly stupid and silly for blogging about him and really should stop.  I swear it’s really not as romantic  as it seems.I think of us as  strangers that somehow know each other.

Today it struck me, I call him the Grey Hoodie boy because he’s always in a grey hoodie. So do you think he calls me ‘The black coat girl’ because I’m always wearing my black coat? I think it’s more likely I’m known as ‘The girl who fell’.


Smiley lamp

I watched Harry Potter with the boys last night, while it was quite good, it didn’t live up to my expectations. I guess all that hype about it breaking the box office record of all time (won The Dark Knight) made me think the movie must be spectacularly good, it was an easy watch, but I wasn’t blown away. Still I love love watching movies in the cinema so I really enjoyed myself.

My home cooking has a Japanese theme this week! I thought Jo was going to work today so I prepared her bento box the night before. This is the same bento box that I used for H’s bday bento in a different design, I love pretty and cute bento boxes, they make lunches so much happier.

My ‘lazy’ bento box of foolproof teriyaki chicken, tamagoyaki with rice topped with wasabi and seaweed seasoning. I also made some avocado, mayo and lemon juice mash to go with the chicken.

Despite talking about trying new recipes etc. I’ve been so lazy this week and copping out with my lazy cooking. Dinner tonight was store bought roast chicken on mashed potato with grilled butter mushrooms. I read Jo’s blog about craving fast food and wanted to roast some potatoes for her, but the first thing I heard when I reached home was her coughing away in the bedroom. So I made mashed herbed potatoes with light sour cream and a bit of mascarpone instead.

Jo was all excited when I got home saying ‘you’ve got a parcel! Quick open so I can see what it is!’ It was a parcel from Shirley! I was rather surprised to receive a parcel from Shirley because it’s not my birthday or any special occasion. Guess what was inside?

Necklaces for me and Jo, I decided Jo should have the ‘Fu’ one because she needs prosperity while I should get the ‘Lian’ one since I need romance!  Thank you Shirley (^___^).

That wasn’t the end of it. Shirley bought me a cute lamp, a smiley happy looking one which is what I look like when I eat something really yummy.

It has two expressions, this one is more me when I’m watching a sad movie and about to cry, haha, except my eyes are not so big. Thanks Shirley, it was a great surprise, it’s so nice to get an unexpected present, sometimes I think those presents are the best of all, touched lah.

And that ends my Wednesday, two days to Friday and counting!

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