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The Grey Hoodie Boy Part 3 I know his name

The Grey Hoodie boy was on my bus today. He was sprinting to get onto the bus again and made it just in time. Still in his grey hoodie (^_^).

When he locked eyes with me, he gave me a big grin so I smiled back as well.  During our bus journey I thought ‘Nah, I can’t talk to him’. Despite all my bravado, I’m really a shy person at heart, sorry guys, couldn’t use your pick up lines(= ^_^=).

At the lights, I was extra careful on the slippery pathways just in case I fell again (very likely scenario).  To my surprise, Grey Hoodie boy walked towards me and said ‘How’s your hand?’ I stammered ‘ Oh, it’s fine, just a sore back’ and showed him my hands. Showing him my hands, what was I thinking?! Luckily the lights turned green and he said ‘Gotto go, see ya!’ gave me a wave and walked briskly ahead.

I thought that was a bit odd because I know now that he usually walks down the same stretch of terrace that I do, maybe he was running to catch a bus again? Anyway, not wanting to act like a stalker, I didn’t try to catch up with him and was smiling to myself while thinking ‘I bet Jan and mum will love this story”.

He was at the lights in front of my building again. I thought ‘I should ask him where he works’ but decided to stay put. But then he walked to me and said ‘where do you work?’ Aaaaaah, he took the words out of my mouth! So I told him and I now know where he works, which is not far from my building. He said that it was a pretty long walk from our bus stop but good for exercise. I said that I had seen him walking in front of me before and he said he’s noticed me walking around the city as well. So paiseh.

Then in front of my building, we exchanged names, shook hands and bided each other goodbye.

So a little bit of entertainment for you this morning. I now know his name but to me, he’ll always be the Grey Hoodie boy 😉

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