From Perth With Love

Linglang and Fung are getting married today! And it’s Shirley’s birthday as well. YW’s family and Shirley have both flown to Kuching for the wedding, which leaves me the only one out of the picture, otherwise, it would have been a proper Monash Avenue housemates reunion.

I’ve already sent LL and Shirley wedding and birthday presents, making Shirley promise that both of them would only open it at midnight. I wonder whether they liked the presents? But I didn’t want to leave Fung out. One of the things that Fung said to me when he last saw me in Kuching was something along the lines of  ‘eh, can take more pictures of UWA/Perth or not? Places that we’ve been to and used to hang out at’

Wish granted sir! One afternoon, I took my trusty (but slightly wonky) camera to UWA and started snapping away. I did a full circle, starting from the clock tower, moving towards Octagon theatre, towards the Arts building , Reid library, Engineering block, GP3 lab, Guild village, Social Science, Law and back again. It’s funny how easily names like Social Science lecture theatre, Alexander lecture theatre, roll from your tongue despite years of non use.

The underground passage from residential colleges to UWA. Whether it was coming back from a crabbing outing and giggling about the absence of crabs for our much lauded chilli crab meal with Kelvin, or dressed down in shorts and Ts and rushing for a lecture, I remember many many great nights of walking the passage with my friends.

The ‘money’ shot of UWA, the famous clock tower. After witnessing countless of  couples taking their wedding photos on UWA grounds , I used to vow to my friends ‘when I get married, I MUST take my wedding photos at UWA’. How time has flown, and now it’s LL and Fung taking wedding photos and getting married!

Can you tell where the water starts? I remember one very cold night when we accompanied Shirley on her ‘experiment’ expedition of ‘training’ ducks to respond to her bell ringing. We stood at the pond throwing bread at the ducks with Shirley ringing her bell incessantly while trying to look inconspicuous whenever anyone walked by. Hahahaha. Did you eventually get a good mark for that assignment Shirley?

Octagon theatre where it all starts for nervous first year Commerce students.

After walking past the clock tower, you step into this lush, green world of giant trees, whispering leaves and bird chirping. I was so scared during my first day in Perth because I knew no one, I had no idea where I was going to stay and there was no one with me. Plus it was a Saturday or Sunday morning and Perth was  like a dead city. Then on the second day LL visited me and invited me to stay with her, YW and Shirley. And that was the end of my lonely days in Perth (^___^).

Something new in UWA! They’ve planted some daffodils on the lawn in front of Reid library. I used to lunch with my Thai friend Sung on this lawn, surrounded by the big trees. During autumn, some of the trees turned into hues of gold, red and orange.

The steps leading to wisdom? Haha, so cliche. But really, these steps lead up to Reid library, the biggest and ‘main’ library in UWA.

Benches outside the library. Many a time I sat on these benches with my uni mates chatting about nonsense. It was also a meeting point ‘I’ll meet you outside Reid library’. I remember having long conversations with Bernard, Weny. Best of all was sometimes looking up and seeing Shirley and LL walk by. Then we could walk home together 🙂 .

I took this photo of the Engineering block for you Fung! I remember how Fung was very happy when he found out that I was a Law student, he rubbed his hand with glee and said ‘great, now I have someone to throw fruit at during the annual Law/Engineering food fight’. Law students always got creamed by Engineering students (-____-).

The most horrible and must go place for poor hapless Commerce students, the dreaded General Purpose building 3. dubbed GP3, where assignments are swotted out and copious amounts of papers are printed. I had a peek inside and there are no longer any computers inside, where do Commerce students now go I wonder?

UWA student guild which was the start of a new phase of our student lives. LL and Shirley joined the International Students Service committee and sometimes I was roped in to help. I first met H at the ISS annual general meeting and joked to them ‘he’s quite cute, next time can have the meetings at our house’.

Guild village still looks the same with the same shops. Always the most busy place during lunchtime and the ‘place to be seen’. Also where the Multicultural Week that I chaired was held. LL and Shirley, do you all remember Weny? I’ve been meeting up with him for lunch in the city, it feels just like old days except we’re now in working clothes.

The dreaded Law building. Truly, it was and probably still is one of the lousiest faculty buildings around. No good lecture theatres, tiny rooms and perpetually cold.

Outside the Law building and Commerce building (btw, Commerce now has a spanking new building block). Sometimes you can find me sitting on one of those benches waiting for a tutorial to start.

The Arts building. We’re now well into winter, so the autumn leaves were falling, so pretty.

I sat on the bench for a while and wished that you girls could be here. From my seat, I could see my favourite Matilda Bay in the distance. I thought about how Fung once brought Linglang for a ‘romantic’ dinner picnic at Matilda Bay and when we asked LL about it she said ‘it was so cold!!’.

I thought about the first time I met Fung. We were walking along Hampden Road  going to Snackbox for dinner/church gathering. There was a dark shadow walking towards us carrying a tin or some sorts. It was Fung returning LL and YW their container because they had given him green bean soup earlier to thank him for letting them stay at his place while hunting for our place.

Ever since that day we started matchmaking LL and Fung, creating opportunities for them to sit together in the bus, asking him out during our grocery shopping trips, Rottnest Island. When Fung asked LL over to his house for a romantic candlelit dinner, he consulted with me about his menu, Shirley and I dressed up LL, I loaned her my necklace, we were all giggly and excited. When LL came back, she was Fung’s girlfriend.

Fast forward many years later,  today she will be his wife. So as I said in the card, thank you LL and Fung, for giving me the privilege and pleasure of witnessing the start of your romance and sharing bits and pieces of your life since then. I am truly truly sorry I couldn’t make it to your wedding, but you know I’m there in heart and spirit. Congratulations to the cutest couple I know.

Shirley, I can only imagine how excited you are now, I can feel it from here, thousand of miles away. I know you will laugh and cry on my behalf, so thank you for being my representative. But please don’t forget it’s your day as well, remember to celebrate and have fun. Happy birthday dear friend.

4 Responses to “From Perth With Love”

  1. 1 slappedbygunk July 18, 2009 at 5:46 pm

    UWA looks very nice. I like the first pic and the one with “LAW” on the floor.

  2. 2 Her July 19, 2009 at 5:12 pm

    Great Picture taking!!!! Most of them are really good…I can sense the ambience from the picts 🙂

  3. 4 Secret admirer January 12, 2011 at 5:54 am

    Wow… Really nice pic of my uni. Reminds me back of the old uni days. Just like u i used to wish of gettin married in tat uni too. Hehe

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