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Gill’s belated birthday party

I’m still working my way towards the end of my last weekend posts, but there’s still more to come. How did I manage to squeeze all these activities into 3 days I wonder?

Anyway, last Friday we attended Gill’s belated birthday party. We actually already celebrated Gill’s birthday in early May, but she wanted to hold her birthday party in July because her sister would be back from holidays then and also Jason would be around.

Instead of a dinner party, she decided to have a karaoke night at Utopia. Since Gill was asking for contributions, I decided to go all out and prepare party food for her.  I offered to cater for H and Jason, so they paid me money for the ingredients. It was my first attempt at party food preparation.

First up, Jo’s agar-agar which was her contribution for the night. She made this all by herself the night before.

Jo’s agar agar had three layers with the coconut milk layer at the bottom. Pretty or not? They tasted really nice as well, pandan and coconut milk flavoured agar agar.

The cold meat deli platter that I prepared for H’s contribution, included honey leg ham, smoked leg ham and chicken slices.

My cheese platter with slices of gouda cheese and garlic bagel crisps.

My sandwich tray with egg salad sandwiches, chicken, tomato and lettuce sandwiches and chicken avocado sandwiches. I love my new trays which are brightly coloured and long and best of all, only cost $2! I love the $2 shop near my house, I believe it was my mum’s favourite  when she visited Perth as well, haha. Family of cheapskates.

The mini hotdogs which I prepared for Jaso. I used Woolies bake at home buffet rolls, cocktail sausages and topped the hotdogs with lettuce, tonkatsu sauce, mayo and seaweed strips. A sort of Japanese inspired hotdog.

Tomato and basil bruschetta and smoked salmon with cream cheese and dill bruschetta. Instead of using bread, I cheated and used bruschetta crisps instead. I think they would have tasted much better with the real thing, but I really didn’t have time to bake them in the oven. Not that they would have been toasty by the time the party started though, even the bruschetta crisps were quite soft and the cream cheese had harden slightly by then.

My favourite for the night was the marcapone cheese (the stuff that is in tiramisus) and strawberry bruschetta which I drizzled with honey. A dessert version of bruschetta instead of savoury bruschetta.

And now the people! Jo, XianZhang and Chris who is Jo’s colleague at Northshore. It was my first time meeting Chris and he’s very nice and friendly. He was quite tired at the end of the night because we kept making him sing.

Blurry pic of the birthday girl. Tricia, Gill’s best gf bought her the princess hat thingy which I thought looked really cute on her.

Gill’s birthday cake from Utopia which was like a mountain of profiteroles or should I say mini cream puffs. A bit hard to cut because of all the profiteroles, in the end it was like everyone had a profiterole each.

I like this photo of Gill making a wish because I think she looks very pretty in the soft glow of the candlelight. Ok, end of post! Thanks for inviting us Gill, we had lots of fun. Are you sure you don’t want to have another party next year?

The Grey hoodie boy Part 1 I fall

You know how sometimes when life becomes routine, you start noticing the same patch of sky, staring at the same city icon and doing the same things day after day.

I’ve been taking the same bus to work for the past year, and after a while, started recognizing fellow passengers who take the same bus as me. There’s the loving (and a bit gross) couple that always share a seat. The mother and daughter who are very sweet to each other. And then there’s that one Chinese guy who I started noticing because he wears the same grey hoodie to work everyday. One day he actually wore a different coat (but still grey) and I thought ‘hmm must be really cold today’. Anyway, this boy on the bus became part of my routine, something constant that is always on the horizon.

Sometimes he isn’t on my bus for a few days and I think he must be sick or waking up late. Sometimes I see him running after the bus (quite often) and wonder whether he can make it. It’s funny how you can build up stories about someone you don’t know, a mere passerby. This boy never smiles and always looks fierce. Once he was sitting in front of me and looked really stressed out, he covered his head with his hands and sighed and I thought ‘must be a bad day at work ahead’. Another time he met a friend at the traffic lights (we get out at the same stop) and it was probably the only time I’ve seen him smile.

Anyway, I hadn’t seen him on my bus since Monday this week but today, he started running after the bus again. Grey hoodie again. When we were getting off the bus, he was nice enough to let me go first and while waiting at the lights, I thought to myself ‘someday I’ll blog about this grey hoodie boy’, the lights turned green and I stepped onto the sidewalk. And fell.


Yes, I fell on the sidewalk. In hindsight I’m lucky it wasn’t the middle of road. Someone held out a hand and helped me up, I looked up and it was the grey hoodie boy!!!


Sounds very romantic and something out of tvb dramas right? BUT I WAS MORTIFIED!!!!! This always happen to me (family and close friends can testify)! I fall in front of famous icons (San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge), fall off swings (Santubong beach resort), only recently, I’ve been slipping along the aisles of supermarkets. But this is a new one. Falling in front of the traffic lights on St Georges Terrace *slaps forehead*

Anyway, back to the story. My hands were smarting terribly and I checked them at the other side of the road. Grey hoodie boy stood with me and asked ‘are you bleeding?’ I told him no, I was ok, mumbled sorry and quickly walked up the road towards my office while slowly dying of embarrassment inside.

The brisk walk was good for me, by the time I reached the traffic lights in front of my building, I was starting to laugh at the whole incident, then I saw the grey hoodie boy standing not far from me. Which is quite odd because he usually catches another bus earlier down the road to get to West Perth? Anyway, I thought I had better thank him properly so I walked up to him and said thank you. Which made me paiseh all over again.

( =__________________=)

Sigh, why am I like that ah? I hope he’s not on the bus tomorrow.

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