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Monday cooking

It was so different last Monday.

Last Monday I had the day off from work. We met up with Jason for dimsum, had a 3 hour happy hour karaoke session. Then we bought groceries, went home and cooked a simple dinner.

Jason cooked for us that night (^___^).  He made a simple lean pork, potato and tomato soup. Very nice, I had two full bowls. I really like Hongkong style tongs, I still remember H’s Ah Ye’s soups,after a whole day of traipsing around Hongkong, it was the best thing to come home to, sooo good.

He also cooked stir fried kailan with ginger and garlic. He called his father halfway (his dad’s a dimsum si fu, so envious) and asked how to cook the kailan, apparently, you’re suppose to add a bit of sugar in the water that you blanch the veggies with, hmm, very interesting, I’m going to try that next time. He then drizzled the kailan with some shaoxing wine.

I cooked my favourite ‘ti bak’ (sweet pork) with lots of cucumber slices to offset the sweetness. Also Jo’s favourite teriyaki hambaagu which is my healthy chicken, cabbage and onion version.

Haven’t steamed chawan mushi for a long long time, luckily I still remembered all the measurements and timing. They came out pretty good, no bubbles and not too ugly.

It was a lovely Monday with good friends and family. We ate dinner,watched our ‘Mei Li Chu Fang’ (Beautiful Cooking) dvds, gasped and laughed at the horrible cooking by the beautiful girls.

In comparison, this Monday is lacklustre and horrible. I’m still so angry, mostly angry with myself. I know I should just get over it, move on with life and not waste time thinking about it and being unhappy, but it’s easier said than done. (T____T)

I heard Jo coughing earlier so dashed ideas for a stir fried udon dish. Instead, dinner tonight was a nabeyaki udon of some sort which I made with a mixture of mushroom stock and dashi stock, I figured it would be healthier and better for Jo’s cough to have something hot and soupy. I just called home and chatted to my Ah Ma,  she says that adding sugar to boiling water is a norm thing and makes the veggies crunchy. I don’t know how my mum knows all these things. Suddenly I feel better (^_^) . I hope Tuesday fares better.

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