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Peaceful weekend

It was a quiet weekend of discovering old favourites.

Old favourite lamb nasi briyani from Insan’s Cafe. Haven’t visited this cafe since Asrul left, he will be happy to know that the lamb is still tender and flavourful.

Window shopping in the city. Thought of Andy when I saw this new transformers display, Jan, does Andy want a Transformer hoodie?

Good Fortune is doing  a whole roast duck for $15 deal from 5 – 6pm every Thursday. Anyone want to share duck?

My favourite Bin bin rice crackers are now available in Perth, I thought it was myth! Now Hieng Chiong won’t have to send them over from Kuching (^__^), now if only kolo mee was available in Perth.

I had a craving to cook up a storm in the kitchen this weekend. I was actually thinking of cooking Malaysian curry chicken but was too late for the butchers. So I made do with wrapping prawn wontons.

Prawn wontons with my favourite spring onion, ginger and vinegar dressing. This will also be lunch tomorrow.

Spurred by my friend Shirley’s announcement that she was flying to Kuching for our dear friends Linglang and Fung’s wedding, I had another look at flight prices and was amazed at the cheap prices. Immediately I dismissed important matters such as obtaining leave approval or spending most of the weekend in the airport, in my mind, I was already chomping down smooth, fragrant and tender Hainan chicken rice, window shopping in Orchard Road, walking in Kenyalang, spending precious hours with my parents and brother , chatting away with Shirley,YW and most importantly, witnessing LL and Fung walking down the wedding aisle.

Then the words ‘airport tax’ appeared on the screen and brought me crashing down to reality. SIGHHHHHHHH. (T________T). Maybe I’ll win the $90 million lotto this Tuesday. Really, I’m not greedy, $1 million will do.

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