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A Week of My Life: Day 5 It’s finally Friday

Even though it’s Friday, it was a very gloomy and rainy Friday. When I wake up on Friday mornings, despite any exciting or fun events that I’ve planned for the night, I always think to myself ‘No, I’m going to cancel, I don’t want to go, I just want to go home after work and sleep’.

My bus crosses the bridge to get into the CBD (that’s Burswood casino in the horizon), for once, I was not caught in the rain.

It was a really really gloomy day. Such wrong weather for a Friday.

Farewell lunch for a colleague was held inside His Majesty’s Theatre’s cafe. The poor woman cried when she read our card, sigh, she’s very nice. I tried looking for a healthier option on the menu, but the only salad available was caesar salad, everything else was things like steak sandwich and beef casseroles. And we all know caesar salad is not healthy at all. Still, I enjoyed it, I love anchovies on caesar salads, and the croutons were very nice and crispy.

I was planning to leave work early but one thing after another caught up, by the time it was 5pm, I felt just like the crystal elephant on my table, faint and exhausted. I gave up and told my manager ‘ I don’t care anymore, I’m going to try and purge work from my brain all weekend’. She thought it was a good idea.

Caught up with Adrian, Bryan, Calvin (hey, ABC!) and Gerry for dinner at Joy Cafe, a Hongkong style cafe. They had the 4 dishes plus soup, rice and drinks for $62 deal.

I didn’t eat with them but had a bowl of soup, I think it was peanut chicken soup, simple but satisfying, I love Hongkong style tongs, but the best soups I’ve ever had were the ones cooked by H’s grandfather. So good.

The peking style spareribs drizzled with mayonnaise looked yummy.

My companions for the evening.

Gerry has just returned from Sydney. This guy just jets of to the Eastern states without telling anyone, we usually have phonecalls along the lines of ‘Hey, where are you now?’ ‘Melbourne’ ‘What? Melbourne hotel is it? (there’s a hotel/bar here called Melbourne hotel)’ ‘ No Melbourne the city’. (0_____o)” He bought me a cookbook, do you recognise who’s on the cover?  Sandy Lam the Hongkong singer! I was so surprised ‘she cooks meh?’ It wasn’t really her recipes, more like Shanghainese recipes from other famous chefs, but she introduces them in the book. Thanks Gerry!

Afterwards we headed to Exomod Cafe in Mt Lawley for coffee. The cafe is very popular, I quite like the cakes there but the service tonight was terrible. They not only forgot our orders, but gave us wrong coffees at the end. I would probably return just because it’s 24 hours thing is very convenient, but I hope this bad service was a once off.

Funny picture of Calv and Adrian. And that ends my Friday! Already I’m sad that Friday night is over, but at least there’s still the weekend to go, hooray!

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