A Week of My Life : Day 4 Thursday

Err I don’t know whether you all have noticed, but the number of pictures of my posts are diminishing by the day (=___=). BUT it’s FRIDAY tomorrow, so hopefully there will be lots of things to do and blog about this weekend, friends who are reading this, quick ask me out!

The sunny weather in Perth has disappeared and it was cloudy and raining all day. This was taken from my seat at the bus (I was way up front), can you see Perth city and spot BankWest tower in the horizon?

I almost forgot about my breakfast meeting this morning. My manager, A and I traipsed in the rain to a little cafe nearby where they had breakfast while I had a latte. I tried to take a picture of my coffee by stealth but no one could miss the sound of the camera. ‘Di, are you taking photos? This is a violation of my intellectual property rights!’ my manager joked. I had to explain that my sisters, Heri and I are doing the meme, they both thought it was a lovely and cute idea. (=^____^=) so shy.

It was a crazy day at work which had me working till past 6pm. By the time I walked out of the office, the sky was dark, so no evening sky photos today. Sigh, couldn’t make it in time for swimming too.  The terrace looks very different at night.

Jo greeting me in front of my bus stop. Jo called me while I was on the bus and said ‘where are you? I came to pick you up at Woolies’. She was worried that I would be walking home in the dark so drove to the nearby shopping center (where my bus stops) to pick me up. Haha, so sweet right?

Since we were already out, I suggested going to Carousel shopping center to pick up my colleague’s farewell present of a gift voucher from Myers. After what felt like an eternity, we finally got a parking space. An annoying thing happened while we were at the cashier, my coins fell on the floor and I took a step backward to pick up the coins. And stepped onto this young woman’s foot. I truly felt bad and kept apologising, Jo said sorry too. But this girl acted like we sawed off her foot and was groaning and grabbing on to her foot like we ran a truck over it. She made such a HUGE fuss and debacle that the cashier even said ‘do you need me to get the first aid people?’ which she declined. While we were paying she stood behind us with this huge scowl (funny how she recovered after people stopped looking at her). When her mother asked her something she said rudely ‘NO, I AM IN PAIN’. At first I was thinking of apologising again, but her attitude was so bad and rude that Jo and I decided to ignore her. In hindsight, she was wearing clunky leather boots and I was wearing flats, how could it be that painful? What a drama queen.

There’s a new donut store in Carousel called Dreamy Donuts. It reminds me of the Big Apple chain and Krispy Kreme with flavours like passionfruit, strawberry cheesecake etc. We didn’t buy any since donuts in Australia are much too sweet for me (but Krispy Kreme is too sweet too). Sigh, if only they had Mister Donut here, oh I miss those green tea donuts with red bean filling, so yummy!

I feel quite bad posting this up after Heri commented that my dinners are all so healthy looking. Because Jo and I sinned and bought takeaway for dinner! She had honey chicken with fried rice while I opted for Indian butter chicken, curried potatoes and rice. Haha, see, we’re not so healthy after all!

What can I say? Sometimes you just need a curry.

Friday tomorrow, so happy Y(^_______________^)Y!

9 Responses to “A Week of My Life : Day 4 Thursday”

  1. 1 sakuratrees June 18, 2009 at 1:42 pm

    St George’s Terrace is so pretty at night with all the lights. Reminds me a bit of Orchard Road. Hahaha!

    I know, I know, I am sweet. Hehehe! (=^____^=) Blush blush!

    Bad food always taste so good! I polished off everything! So ho chiak! I must have put back the 2kg I lost! SIGH!!!!!

  2. 3 Her June 18, 2009 at 4:56 pm

    hahaha..u r so cute..asking ur reader friend to ask u out..LOL…

    Yah I did the same too..they kept saying “dont tell me you gonna shoot this one too” and I got to explain to them on why I am clicking away..hauhauah

    Nevermind my comment..hauauhauhaha…we have to sin from time to time to keep ourselves sane..huhauhauha…

    So funny the way u describe the dram queen..she is so nasty!!!

  3. 5 slappedbygunk June 18, 2009 at 9:39 pm

    Oh my god you guys, soooo heartwarming, so much love around! Group hug group hug! Hahaha! I mean Jo picking you up because she can’t bear the thought of you walking home alone in the dark and all this linking back and forth on your blogs hehehe.

    You took photos in front of your manager and colleague AND told them about the meme AND they didn’t think nothing of it? Wow. I don’t think the people at my work would ever understand. They’d think I was insane.

    I like the night time pic, very pretty.

    You should have offered to call the girl an ambulance. Pretend to type 999 on your phone as you say “IS IT BROKEN? HOW MANY BONES?” Stupid bitch.

    Yum, your dinners look really good. My type of dinner!

    • 6 sakuratrees June 19, 2009 at 12:31 am

      Hahahaha! Jan, you are so funny! I laughed so hard when I read that comment becuase Di said exactly the same thing! She said that we should have pretended to call the ambulance and see what she says! She was such a horrible bitch, sulking and whining all the way. I bet she was waiting for us to give her compensation, medical fees. You think?

    • 7 daitaoha June 19, 2009 at 9:13 am

      hahaha, i laughed when i read your group hug comment. My manager and A are very nice, so they didn’t really care

      Eh I said the same thing about the ambulance! Great minds think alike

  4. 8 mum June 19, 2009 at 4:30 am

    Wah,australia also like malaysia ah. rahsua ah,waiting for compensation or money everytime some little thing happens.haha.I was thinking of your Aus cousin “A” when i read about the girl.Do you think she will grow up to be like that?

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