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Red Earth

I’m flying off tomorrow, but I’m so tired!! I haven’t had time to look at the conference papers and will now have to read it on the plane, sigh. So much for my James Herriot indulgence.  The other day a 60 + old colleague stopped by my desk and said ‘I noticed you’re reading James Herriot, he’s one of my favourites too’ (= ^ ^ =) sigh, while everyone’s reading up and trendy authors like Dan Brown and the Twilight series, there I am reading old stories of a country vet and his veterinary adventures in Yorkshire. But I love him so much!

Today I was so busy doing last minute preparation for the conference that I forgot to eat lunch. Now I understand what my colleagues are going about when they start yelling ‘I’m so hungry’ while working. But I wasn’t hungry, just very very busy.

My sisters are all excited about my Northern Territory trip tomorrow, even started researching the conference venue and Alice Springs, Jo was like ‘Eh, there are lots of lizards and iguanas there!’ ‘Wild cats are a delicacy there, you will be eating wild cats!!’ Jan wasn’t any better, she greeted me on msn with ‘Hello Alice!’ Then proceeded to warn me not to go to the outback because she’s terrified of the outback after watching the horror movie WolfCreek. Jo has already invited Gill to hang out at my place watching dramas and eating pizza while I’m away, obviously she’s not going to miss me much. Sisters … *slap forehead*

Ok I’m finally going to eat my combination of breakfast, lunch and dinner, wish me luck at the Alice!

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