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All in a Day’s Work

Home cooking for the past week.

Jo’s reaction to this dish was ‘wah, how come today get instant noodles?!’ After so much home cooked food, it’s actually a treat to eat yummy instant noodles, especially our favourite Indo Mee. I topped the noodles with grilled basa fillets marinated in a mixture of white miso paste, sugar and mirin. Lunch the next day was thinly shredded raw cabbage with the fillets, very nice even eaten cold.

I’m very proud of this recipe! I wish I could post up a recipe but then I didn’t take any measurements. A variation from my teriyaki hambaagu, these mini chicken patties are made of minced chicken, chopped onion and cabbage  mixed with an egg and seasoned with a little salt and pepper. I pan fried the chicken on low heat and basted the golden patties with my teriyaki sauce. Served on top of a bed of shredded cabbage (in case you haven’t noticed, shredded cabbage are my new favourite salad veg), it was really quite yummy (=^__^=) and Jo loved it.

Tonight’s dinner was lime chicken salad with grilled chicken, shredded cabbage, rock melon and grape tomatoes. The dressing was made of fresh lime juice, light soy sauce, fish sauce, rice wine vinegar and palm sugar. I think it will be an eye opener for lunch tomorrow, goodness know I need it.

Work has been really tiring and I find myself constantly wondering ‘am I doing any good? am I actually helping?’ Very early in my career at the new place, while attending a farewell morning tea for an exec, the exec gave a  speech saying ‘I had to leave, because I was too tired of seeing nothing being done, nothing working, so I am going back to where I came from, to rest, because I am too tired’.  I hope I’ll never be in that situation even though I see many of my colleagues spiralling towards that weary road. I like to think that I’m still optimistic and will never give up.

On a bright note, I found this box of chocolates on my desk this morning. A secret admirer? I can already imagine Jason going ‘oooh’ and raising his eyebrows. But sorry to disappoint you, it was from a colleague who said that she wanted to thank me for all my help in the past few weeks. Isn’t that sweet? My other colleague also bought me a crystal elephant figurine (with sakura flowers on the back, I thought of Jo immediately but sorry hor, it’s on my office desk) from her Thailand holidays. I have nice colleagues.

I was still feeling down when I received a phonecall to go for an interview next Monday. My boss has already offered to give me mock interviews, I’m not so keen on the job, but an interview experience is an interview experience. I’ll try my best.

A while later, I received my travel itinerary. Remember how I mentioned I was going to the heart of Australia for work? I really meant Alice Springs, yes, I’m going to the Northern Territory, the red earth.  Perhaps I will only get to see the interior of the hotel, but I’m hoping for more, I want to see and experience the real Aboriginal Australia.

I fly next week. I knew it was going to be an exciting month, but now it’s a bit too exciting for me. I hope all goes well *fingers crossed* wish me luck!

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