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Fish Fish & a bit of Love

My sister and brother-in-law sent us a parcel while they were in Hong Kong! Jo waited for me to come home from work before we opened the parcel together. So happy, we love receiving parcels, especially parcels of love *shy*

Yeah! Goodies from Hongkong!

Includes my favourite Calbee pizza, pretty stickers, those plastic balls with fun toys that we love (some for Gill as well), makeup and cute stationery.

Guess what was inside those balls? Mini plastic models of our favourite icecream on keychain, Jo loves the Korean watermelon icecream and mochi icecream are almost my favourite form of icecream (the Kowloon Dairy ones from Hongkong are soooo good). The cute cow light keychain is going to come in handy when we’re searching for our keys at night.I don’t think Jan and Andy are reading this, but thanks so much! We love the presents (^___^).

My miso fish salad a while back. I am discovering the wonders of frozen fish. I’ve always refrained from buying fresh fish only because they’re so expensive and I’m such a cheapskate. But I found out that frozen fish is actually very affordable (like $10 for 4-5 fillets) and actually taste very nice grilled and pan fried. Haven’t tried steaming frozen fish yet though, I hope it’s good.

More fish! This time it’s grilled basa fillets on a bed of cabbage and carrots. I marinated with soy sauce, a little sugar and mirin.

Another angle of the yummy fish. I’m going to enjoy discovering all the other types of fish, but I’m not sure Jo’s going to enjoy our fishy journey that much.

Ok, a detour from fish. Chicken and avocado salad, how come chicken and avocado are so good together? One of life’s biggest mysteries.

Jo is falling ill, even my colleagues are dropping like flies. It’s the flu season and with swine flu lurking around, please take care everyone. I thought I had better sustain Jo with hot food, so dinner tonight was mapo tofu, rice and a sunny side up.

I’m heading to the heart of Australia for work soon, can you guess where it is? And Jaso from Gero is coming back for this long weekend, yeah, happy days ahead!


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