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Happy Bento Day!

After a terrible day at work, I was so glad that there was a whole evening of cooking in the kitchen to keep my mind off the horrendous day.

Yesterday Jo and I received a giant parcel from her bf in KL. It was a box filled with the cutest bento gadgets including egg molds, cookie cutters, chopsticks and sushi molds.

See, so cute! He also sent us our favourite snacks from Malaysia, Bika and Bin Bin. Once I saw the bento gadgets my little eyes lit up in glee, just in time for my birthday bento for H! Around the same time last year, I met up with H for lunch thinking that it was the last time I would get to celebrate his birthday for him. I’m so glad that all is better this year and I’m still able to celebrate his birthday for him. Officially his birthday falls on Saturday (we will be going out for dinner) but I wanted to make him a special birthday lunch bento for work. Since he couldn’t make it on Friday, we’re goin to meet up tomorrow instead.

It’s Jo’s first day at relief teaching tomorrow, so I thought it would be nice to make her a pretty bento as well. Do you like her double decker bento box? It’s one of my favourites.

I molded the sushi rice with one of the rice molds and wrapped it with nori. Top deck is stir fried pineaple beef, one of my favourite ways of cooking beef.

H’s bento box. I love this traditional looking red wooden box with the two cute rabbits in front. My mum bought this for me from Japan (^___^). Sigh, I miss my ah ma.

I love the new sushi rice molds, they look so neat and cute. I’m glad my tamagoyaki turned out good this time, I hope H likes it. I filled the extra space with grape tomatoes and coriander leaves.

This little yellow bento box is also part of H’s bento.

Top deck is also pineapple beef, it’s actually H’s favourite dish as well, I learned how to cook this from his god mother in Hongkong. Lower deck is fruit for dessert, watermelon and rockmelon pieces.

Jo’s dinner tonight. I used Cinammoroll egg mold for the rice but the shape didn’t come out right, it looks more like a ghost with big eyes (I made the eyes with seaweed pieces, haha). Avocado and lettuce salad and my grilled beef slices which I marinated with garlic, pepper and shichimi Japanese chilli powder.

My lunch bento yesterday was grilled honey soy chicken pieces, watermelon and tomato salad. Pretty tasty even eaten cold the next day. I do miss hot food for lunch though.

My lunch bento tomorrow, chilli beef and avocado salad. I will be meeting H tomorrow for his pre birthday bento lunch, I hope he likes it *fingers crossed*!


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